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School Philosopy and Governance
School Philosopy
School Governance and Democratic Principles

School Documents

2022 Annual Implementation Plan

2021 Annual Report to the School Community

2020 -2024 School Strategic Plan

Student Absence Note

Medication Form
Student Health Support Plan

Policies & Essential Agreements

Advice for Parents on Using Social Media

Administration of Medication Aug 2022
Adverse Weather Conditions

Anaphylaxis Policy Aug 2022

Anaphylaxis Action Plan – Epipen

Assessment & Reporting Policy2021

Asset Management & Policy 2021

Asthma Policy Aug 2022

Asthma Care Plan for Schools

Attendance Policy 2022

Attendance Policy for Parents

Building Respectful and Safe Schools

Bullying Prevention Policy 2021

Camps & Excursions July 2022

Child Safe Champions 2022

Child Safe Code of Conduct 2022

Child Safe Code of Practices 2022

Child Safe Policy 2022

Child Safe Responding & Reporting Policy 2022

Communication of Policies

Communication with School Staff

Community Code of Conduct 2022

Communication with School Staff

Complaints Policy 2022

Complaints Policy - DET

Cybersmart Guide for Families

DET Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy 2022

DET Respectful Relations Policy 2022

Digital Learning Policy 2021

Dress code

Duty of Care 2021

English as an Additional Language (EAL) 2021
Electronic Funds Management Policy 2021

Emergency Management Policy July 2022

Enrolment Policy Nov 2022

First Aid & Care of Ill Students Policy Aug 2022

Fundraising Policy 2021

Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality - DET 2021

Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality Policy 2021

Head Lice Information

Hire of Facilities 2021

Homework Policy 2022

Inclusion and Diversity Policy 2022



Language Policy 2021

Managing Complaints & Grievances

Nude Food Policy 2020

Parent Payments DET 2022

Parent Disputes Policy 2021

Program for Students with Disabilities Policy

Privacy Collection Notice 2022

Refund Reinbursement Policy 2021

Respect for School Staff Policy 2021

Respectful Behaviours Policy 2022

Student Wellbeing & Engagement Policy 2022

School Council Standing Orders 2021

School's Privacy Policy 2022

Schools Privacy Policy for Parents

School Purchasing Card Policy 2021

Student Uniform Policy

Sunsmart Policy Nov 2022

Sustainability Policy 2020

Visitors Policy 2022

Volunteers Policy 2022
Working With Children Check
Yard Duty Supervsion for Parents & Students