Bring your own iPad

At Glenroy West Primary School, students from Years 3 - 6 are invited to bring their own iPad to support and enhance their learning. The iPad requires very little start-up time, and puts learning at the fingertips of students across the curriculum.

Owning their own iPad enables students to continue exploring their learning and collaborating with classmates in an extended capacity - outside of classroom sessions and in locations where they have internet access. The iPad enhances the teaching and learning in classrooms and around the school, increasing student access to information and skill development.

The consistent and supported use of technology also develops student awareness of their rights and responsibilities in online behaviour and communication. Cybersafe behaviours are demonstrated, modelled and expected from all students, and staff support all students to embody these responsible online habits as part of our eSmart education.

To find out more about using your own iPad at Glenroy West Primary School, please download a copy of the BYO IPad Handbook 2017 here.

For information to support your child's safe use of technology and behaviours on the internet, please download a copy of the Cybersmart Guide for families.


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