Student Welfare

Glenroy West Primary School is proud to be involved with the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program, an initiative funded by the Department of Education and Training.


The program, based on the work of the Positive Behaviour Interventions and Support program based in the United States, is an evidence-based approach to supporting students in the development of social interactions and behavioural management skills.

The program links closely with the Learner Attributes of the Primary Years Program, and involves the explicit teaching and monitoring of positive behaviours of students both in classes and in the yard. In addition, the school maintains a focus on identifying concerns by gathering data relating to concerns or incidents within the school to provide support to students experiencing difficulty.

The consistent approach to behaviour management, and the consistent responses to situations, are in line with the school values and the vision of the Primary Years Program. This is also supported by the classroom expectations developed across the school as well as individual classroom 'Essential Agreements' developed as part of the Start-Up program conducted at the beginning of each school year.

The core of this program is assisting students to take on their responsibility in demonstrating the school values through their interactions with each other and their engagement with their learning. Our school values of Respect, Excellence, Responsibility and Cooperation are the key, and should be reinforced daily through discussion, classroom practice and interactions with teachers.


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