Senior 5-6

5-6 Term 1 Overview:

The 5/6 teachers welcome you all to term one 2018. We look forward to having a successful, productive and fun year.

Current Units of Inquiry: Who We Are.


Central Idea: Choices impact our health and well-being.


Key Concepts: Form, Causation and Responsibility.


Learner Profile Attribute: Reflective and Principled.


Lines of Inquiry

  • Elements of a healthy lifestyle.
  • How choices impact us physically, socially psychologically, spiritually.
  • How we can identify and improve elements of our health.


Our first unit of the year is looking at the individuals choices and how these can impact our health and wellbeing. Students have been inquiring into how they can make better choices to improve the way they feel and act.



Next Unit of Inquiry: Where we are in place and time.


Central Idea: Past civilisations shape present day systems.


Key Concepts: Reflection, Change and Perspective.


Learner Profile Attribute: Open-minded and Reflective.


In term one students will inquire into the inter connectedness of individuals and civilisations. Students will be researching into the how the systems of today we designed and created from the ideas and thoughts from civilisations of the past.


Our inquiry based approach focuses on tuning in, finding out, sorting out, going further, reflecting and acting and evaluating. Students will reflect on how their journey throughout the unit has been and demonstrate this in their portfolios. As the year progresses, students, teachers and parents will be able to see the growth in their understanding of this Murdoch Inquiry Based Cycle.




In Reading, students in 5/6 have been inquiring into the structure of different types of texts, understanding the features of the text and language used. Students are also inquiring into comprehending text through questioning. (E.g. Literal, inferential and evaluative) Reading groups are differentiated, allowing students to work confidently at their level. Groups are fluid and change according to the needs of the student.


In Writing, students have been inquiring about persuasive writing including, How it is used? Why it is used? What are the features of the text type? As our central idea is focused on making healthy choices students are both discussing and writing their points of view.

Students have been working on narrative writing within their Writer’s Workshop. Students are beginning to get back into some excellent writing, focusing on twenty-five minutes of independent writing and editing of their work. Students are encouraged to continue compiling ideas to assist them in writing narrative texts.


In Speaking and Listening, students are interacting with others to clarify understanding of lessons using our ATL’s.  They have been connecting ideas to themselves (self) or other about experiences (world) and present this point of view.  Students show respect in working cooperatively in small and whole groups.



The 5/6 students have begun the year with an inquiry into place value and its importance in numeracy. Students will investigate the meaning of place value, apply place value to digits within numbers, use a numeral expander to explore the value of a number, describe and explain how to use expanded notation and describe the rule that helps students to decide if they should round up or round down with particular numbers. Later in the term students will turn their focus to multiplication and division and inquiring into strategies that can assist in their learning.


In non-number students are inquiring into mapping where students have been focusing on being able to plan, design and create and mapping incorporating all the elements within their maps. Students have used examples of the known environments to help them understand this.




During the first Semester students will be given homework across all areas of the curriculum. Parents should focus on that each night students read for fifteen minutes and reflect upon how the have improved on their goals. In writing students weekly will complete their seeds/idea in their seeds workbook. Teachers may give specific writing tasks as required during our units of inquiry. Students will use these seeds for a published piece by the end term one. For numeracy students are assigned tasks within their designated curriculum. We encourage students to use this more often as we can cater for students with higher needs. During the term our POI covers the transdisciplinary themes to which students will need to complete tasks and research topics as required.

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