Our interactions with people are taking place in many online spaces in our daily lives and also in our children's education. It is increasingly likely as they get older that children will be interacting with people that they have not met in real life.


At Glenroy West Primary School, we believe in promoting safe online behaviours and work with our students to develop their skills in communicating positively online. Below are some resources that can assist you in starting the discussion about cyber safety, and assist your children in understanding some strategies they can use to protect themselves.


Hector's World homepage

Join the adventures in Hector's World.


NetSmartzKids video gallery 

Short videos from the NetSmartzKids website.


NetSmartzKids games gallery

Interactive games from the NetSmartzKids website.


Report an online issue, or find out more:

eSafety Commissioner's website

Website for the Office of the Childern's eSafety Commissioner.

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