Currently more than 45 languages are taught in Victorian schools providing rich cultural experiences and developing global connections. Starting in 2014, the students at Glenroy West Primary School have been involved in the Indonesian language program. Students from Foundation to Year 6 participate in weekly lessons. Whole school activities take place each year such as
Indonesian Day.

The aims of learning an additional languages are to develop knowledge, understanding and skills so that students: 

●      are able to translate and communicate in the language they are learning
●      understand the relationship between language, culture and learning (Cultural and language immersion)
●      develop intercultural capabilities
●      understand themselves as communicators.


This year in their studies of the Indonesian language:

Foundation students will become familiar with basic greetings, introduce themselves, families, animals and numbers (counting from 1-10).

Year 1/2 students will continue to learn about numbers (1 to 20), greetings and phrases, simple classroom instructions, colours, days of the week, four seasons, likes and dislikes, animals and the tropical jungle.

Year 3/4 students will build on their knowledge and extend further by exploring about Indonesian geography, how to express themselves, hobbies, phrases for travelling, opposite words, words for motions and actions.

Year 5/6 students will progress further, building on their experiences. They will be extended and supported as they develop skills in constructing Indonesian sentences and being able to speak, translate and read relevant written texts.


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