Maximising Student Potential through Comprehensive Assessment & Reporting

At Glenroy West Primary School, we believe that effective assessment is at the heart of all teaching and learning experiences. It is essential for students, parents, and teachers to have a thorough understanding of each student's development. Our assessment approach aims to enhance student learning, evaluate the efficacy of our programs, and guide future directions.


Our assessment and reporting methods align with the requirements of the Victorian F-10 Curriculum and the perspectives of the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Our dedicated teachers strive to provide opportunities for students to construct meaning through structured inquiry, focusing on the Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATLs).


We assess students not only in literacy and numeracy but also in specialist areas such as the Arts, Spanish, Health and Physical Education, Science, and Digital Technologies. We believe in providing constructive feedback to help students grow in all areas of their education.


Our assessment objectives include promoting student learning, providing information about student learning, evaluating program effectiveness, assisting teacher judgments for reporting purposes, identifying student thinking and learning, and extending student learning.


Throughout the year, we hold Parent Teacher Conferences and Student Led Conferences to facilitate communication between parents and teachers about each child's progress. In addition, we maintain student portfolios to demonstrate successes, growth, thinking, and reflection.


The PYP Exhibition in Grade 6 serves as the culminating experience for students in an International Baccalaureate PYP school. This extended inquiry into a real-life issue is shared and celebrated by the whole community.


We provide written Student Reports twice a year, at the end of Term 2 and Term 4, to give parents a clear picture of their child's progress against state-wide standards.

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