Glenroy West Primary School sees the study of Mathematics as a way of thinking, and that the transdisciplinary nature and language of mathematics as more than simply a series of equations and facts to be memorised.


We see mathematics as a powerful and effective tool that can be personalised to engage our students in describing and analysing the world around us, and encourage our students to think of themselves as ‘mathematicians,’ in the same way that literacy supports our students to become authors, readers and publishers.


Mastering basic skills, developing an understanding of key mathematical concepts and using them practically in our day-to-day life at school and home is an essential process. At Glenroy West Primary School, we aim to embed a transdisciplinary approach to curriculum underpinned by the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme within the framework of The Victorian Curriculum


Staff and students use inquiry as a vehicle to apply their knowledge of mathematics in a fluent and logical fashion to construct meaning based on their previous experiences and understanding. Students then transfer their knowledge and understanding through the symbolic notation. Following this, students are encouraged to build upon this through the application of increasingly abstract levels of meaning that is contextualized in relevant, realistic contexts.


Mathematics and numeracy at home:


All students at Glenroy West receive access to Matific to support their learning in Mathematics.