Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

Glenroy West Primary School sets out to encourage the enjoyment of physical activity and we participate in a wide variety of team and individual inter-school sporting events. These include Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics pathways, as well as Hoop Time, Netball, Cricket, Softball, Bat Tennis, Soccer and AFL interschool events.


We have an active House Program which encourages belonging and community connectedness in our four school house of Clovelly, William, York and Chapman. House events include Twilight Games, Cross Country, Athletics and weekly house points for positive school wide behaviours.


In Foundation, students commence the Perceptual Motor Program. Students engage in activities that promote movement, coordination, general fitness, spatial awareness and the related vocabulary through group activities and set games. Students complete a variety of sessions including floor based, equipment and literacy sessions.

The skills taught through our Physical Education Program offer students the opportunity to not only be physically active today but assists them in maintaining lifelong physical activity. The benefits of physical education are extensive, including increased student physical, mental, social health and better academic performance. Utmost importance is placed on enjoyment, participation, development and sportsmanship.

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