LOTE - Spanish

At Glenroy West Primary School, we are excited to introduce our engaging Spanish language and culture program for students from Foundation to Grade 6. Through weekly one-hour classes, students will embark on a journey to learn Spanish, enabling them to read, write, and express themselves in this vibrant language while gaining a deeper appreciation of Spanish-speaking cultures. Our Spanish program is thoughtfully designed to align with the Victorian Curriculum, providing students with a well-rounded language education.


By learning Spanish, students will acquire essential communication skills and develop a heightened awareness of how language and culture intertwine to facilitate effective communication. This newfound understanding of language usage and learning extends beyond the classroom and can be applied across various educational contexts.


In today's globalised world, language acquisition broadens students' horizons, creating opportunities for personal growth, social connections, cultural enrichment, and future employment prospects. Fluency in multiple languages is increasingly valuable, as it allows individuals to navigate diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes with ease.


Our Spanish language program:

  1. Empowers our community by enhancing social, economic, and international development capabilities.
  2. Equips students with literacy and communication skills, deepening their comprehension of language, culture, and communication dynamics.
  3. Cultivates intercultural competence, fostering an appreciation for diversity, openness to new perspectives, and adaptability in diverse settings.
  4. Encourages students to explore their own heritage, values, beliefs, culture, and identity, emphasizing the influence of culture on individual experiences.
  5. Strengthens intellectual acumen, promoting critical and creative thinking as students engage with a new language and culture.

The Languages curriculum at Glenroy West Primary School strives to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Foster effective communication skills in the Spanish language.
  2. Highlight the interplay between language, culture, and learning.
  3. Develop intercultural competence among students.
  4. Empower students to recognise themselves as proficient communicators in a global context.

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Join us on this exciting journey of language and cultural discovery as we introduce students to the beauty and richness of the Spanish-speaking world.



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