At Glenroy West Primary School, we recognise that music is a unique aural art form, with the power to engage, inspire, and enrich students' lives. Our music program encourages students to explore their creative and expressive potential, delving into the abstract nature of music and discovering its presence in every culture as a fundamental expression of human experience.


By actively participating in music, students develop an understanding of different times, places, cultures, and contexts. Our comprehensive and sequential music curriculum allows students to listen, compose, and perform with increasing depth and complexity. Through this hands-on approach, students gain valuable knowledge, skills, and understanding that can only be achieved through music education.


Our music program focuses on listening, performing, and composing activities, which are developed sequentially to enhance students' perception and understanding of music. As they progress, students learn to appreciate the transformative power of music, fostering a deep love and enjoyment for this art form.


The aims of our Music curriculum are to develop students':

  1. Confidence in being creative, innovative, thoughtful, skilful, and informed musicians
  2. Skills to listen, improvise, compose, interpret, perform, and respond with intent and purpose
  3. Aesthetic knowledge and respect for music and music practices across global communities, cultures, and musical traditions
  4. Understanding of music as an aural art form, its relationship with other art forms, and its contributions to cultures and societies.

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