Genesis Music School

Genesis Music School: Your Partner in Music Education Since 2004

At Genesis Music School, we are here to provide you and your children with the gift of music education. Our mission, for nearly two decades, has been to inspire students of all ages and help them discover the world of music.


Unlock the Joy of Music Together

We believe in creating a nurturing musical environment that supports the entire spectrum of music learning. As musicians, we craft beauty, and as educators, we instill a passion for excellence in every student.


Flexible Learning Options for Your Family

Recognizing the busy lives of parents, we offer in-school lessons during school hours, making music education a convenient part of your child's school day. Alternatively, choose our home lessons option, where our talented teachers will visit your home at a time that suits your family.


Tailored Lesson Programs for All Ages

Our lesson programs are highly adaptable and designed for all age groups. Whether your child is interested in preparing for AMEB or ANZCA exams, prefers private or group lessons, or seeks modern and enjoyable music education, we have the perfect program.


Passionate Educators, Musical Inspiration for Your Child

Our dedicated teachers not only bring their musical expertise but also their passion for learning to every lesson. Whether your child is pursuing music for leisure or serious study, our instructors will guide them to reach their full musical potential.


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