English as an Additional Language

Australia is becoming an increasingly multicultural country. Glenroy West is made up of many learners who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The goals for students learning English as an additional language are the same as for native speakers but their pathway to these goals is different. They need explicit English language teaching and extra time, support and exposure to English. To address this need some students at Glenroy West attend EAL (English as an additional language) sessions. Through attending EAL classes we aim to provide students with the opportunity to achieve success in learning English in order to progress in all areas of the curriculum. During these sessions we focus on students being able to speak confidently in social situations. This is achieved by looking at various topics in small group situations.

Themes and topics are selected according to the perceived interests and needs of the particular children, and according to the units of work being undertaken in the mainstream classrooms. They are also developed with a focus on the learning of English and on the teaching of content from the Victorian Curriculum. Learning goals and objectives will be formulated from the learning outcomes and curriculum focus statements from each of the EAL stages in the EAL developmental continuum. An integral aspect to the EAL curriculum is ensuring that the cultural and linguistic experiences of all children are valued and individual differences are catered for.

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