Literacy involves:

  • Understanding texts though listening, reading and viewing
  • Making texts through speaking, writing and creating
  • Developing text, grammar, visual and word knowledge
At Glenroy West Primary School our commitment to Literacy includes:

  • A daily Reading Hour with whole class and small group teaching
  • Reading Intervention as needed
  • Independent Reading Time
  • Subscription to the Reading Eggs site for every student
  • Teaching of phonics (sounds) through the Little Learners Love Literacy program
  • Individual conferences (learning discussions) with students on books they read
  • Celebration of stories from different cultures
  • A school library for the students to borrow books from
  • Mini Libraries in every classroom
  • A range of assessment tools to track student achievement and growth


  • A daily Writing Hour with whole class and small group teaching
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • The publishing of work using Digital Technology
  • Individual conferences (learning discussions) with students on their writing
  • Writing Intervention as needed

Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening is integrated within literacy, numeracy and our units of inquiry. Students will experience:

  • Language experiences
  • Participation as listeners and speakers in conversations, discussion, debates and presentations
  • Practice using a range of vocabulary
  • Dramatic activities e.g. reader’s theatre, puppet plays, role plays


After fundraising in 2019, our new school library has lots of new books for students to borrow from.  

Please see the Home Reading at Glenroy West Primary School

Log onto Reading Eggs to practise learning at home. All students  at Glenroy West are given a free subscription.

Tips for helping your child with Literacy at home.